Tutorials and information on securing, install, and using wireless.

The intent of this article is to show you some information on  basic wireless hacking along with just how important it is to secure your wireless Network. Please use this information wisely. I am not responsible for what you and your friends do with this information.

To find your IP address on a Windows computer go to Start > Run (You can also use the keyboard short cut windows + "R")

Note: In windows 7 the run option is hidden from the start menu. A quick short cut is to hold down the windows key (located in the bottom left corner of your keyboard by CTRL and FN) and hit the the letter "R". For Steps on how to make this visable visit http://mixeduperic.com/windows/how-to-show-run-option-on-the-start-menu-in-windows-7-and-vista.html


What is a MAC Address?

You can think of a MAC address as a serial number for your network card. It is a unique six two-digits hexadecimal numbers separated by colons. It is used for routing traffic on a network.

Go to Start > Run

(Windows Keyboard shortcut windows + R)

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