Remote Desktop Tricks - Hung Session And Kicking Users Off

Have you ever tried to remote desktop into a windows server and get the error message “The Terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections” Here is a quick work around to get you back on track.



Windows Remote Desktop Error: The terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections



You can open a session as if you are sitting in front of the server.

Go to Start > Run



Click Start Run



Type the command

mstsc -V server /f -console

(Replace server with the server name or IP address of the server you want to connect to.)

Then hit ok.



mstsc -V SERVERNAME /f -console



It should launch remote desktop. Then just login as you normally would.



Remote Desktop - Connecting to Server



Now if we have some hung sessions we need to kill any sessions that are not being used. We can do this with terminal manager under administrator tools on the server.

Go to Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools> Terminal Services Manager



Click on Windows > All Programs > Administrative Tools > Terminal Services Manager



You will see your session in green



Terminal Services Manager - Active Accounts



To kick off other users or kill hung sessions, right click on them and select disconnect.



Right Click on User and Select Disconnect



Now just make sure you logout when you are done so this emergency session is not hung on the server.

Hope you found this useful!