How To Show Run Option On The Start Menu in Windows 7 and Vista

Windows 7 and Windows Vista hide the Run option in the start menu by default. I know that you can use the Search Programs and Files feild but I preffer to have it visable in my start menu. Plus to enable this takes about 5 seconds. Let's get started and enable the Run option in the start menu.



Default Windows 7 Start Menu - Missing Run Option



Right Click on The Windows icon and select properties.



Right Click on Windows Icon (Start Menu) and select properies





Click on Customize



Windows 7 Select Customize (Start Menu Tab)



Scroll down until you find Run Command

Put A check mark



Sroll Down until you fine Run Command (Put a Check Mark)



Apply your changes



Apply Your changes (enabling Run option in windows 7 start menu)



Now check to make sure that is is applied.



Now check to make sure the Run option is now in your start menu



Hope you found this useful!