How To Map A Network Drive In Windows

You can setup network share on a Linux server using samba or just setup a shared drive on a windows machine. This will allow you to have a central place to store files and easly share them with other computer on the network. In this tutorial we will assume the network share is already setup.


(Note: For steps on how to setup a shared drive on windows visit: )


What you will need before you begin:

  • Computer name or IP address you are trying to connect to
  • Share Name (Folder)
  • Permission to the folder


- Right Click on my computer
- Select Map Network Drive



Right Click on My Computer and select Map Network Drive....


- Select a drive letter.

(Note: It is better to pick a letter further in the alphabet such as Z. The Reason for this is if you connect a USB drive it will be assigned the next available letter, it can cause some conflicts if you select something like E:)



Select Drive dropdown and select a letter to map the drive as


- Type \\YourServerNameOrIP\Foldername
You will need "\\" before the server name and one "\" between the server name and folder
In this example I am connecting to a server name ERIC07 and to the folder is called SHARED so I would map it like this \\eric07\shared

(Note: If you are mapping the root of a drive such as c: you would need to do c$)



Enter \\ServerNameOrIP\SHARENAME



If you are only going to use this drive once then you can uncheck Reconnect at Logon. If you leave this checked it will always be mapped and show up in My Computer.


If you want this drive to always map put a checkmark in Reconnect at Login


If you are connecting to a network drive and need to use a different user account, you can click on Different User Name and enter the different user name.



You can also use a different username and password to connect to the shared drive



Example of being able to use a different username and password to map the network drive in windows



If you are using a PC on a different domain you may need to specify the domain or IP address before the user name. (See image below for example)



Enter Ful name with DOMAINorWORKGroup\USERNAME


Once you have completed your settings
- Click Finish



Click Finish


It will start to connect



Connecting - Map Network Drive


If it doesn't connect go back and check your settings. If you entered in everything correct you should now see the network drive.



Connect to Network Drive Example


You should also see your new network drive in My Computer.



Network Drive shows up in my computer


Hope you have found this information useful.