How To Find The Mac Address of Your Network Card In Windows

What is a MAC Address?

You can think of a MAC address as a serial number for your network card. It is a unique six two-digits hexadecimal numbers separated by colons. It is used for routing traffic on a network.

Go to Start > Run

(Windows Keyboard shortcut windows + R)

(Note: The Run Option is hidden in the start menu in windows 7 and windows Vista. To make this visable visit the following URL for steps on how to make this visable: )





Windows - Click Start > Run (You can also hit the windows key + r)



Type CMD and click OK




Type cmd in the Run window to open a DOS window


In the Dos window type ipconfig /all

Hit Enter



Type ipconfig /all in the DOS window



If you have more than one network card you will see more multiple blocks of network card information. For example if you have two ethernet ports or one ethernet port and a wireless card.

Scroll down and find the network connection that you are looking for. In the image below you can see I have two network cards so I will have two Mac addresses.

(Note the two network cards are highlighted as well as the MAC address for both cards.)



Mac Address Are hightlighted ( Physical Address...)



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