How To Find Out How Long Your Windows System Has Been Running Since Last Reboot

Sometimes you want to find how long a desktop or server has been running. A example is if you are having troubles with a system rebooting at random. To find out how long a windows machine has been powered on you can run a simple command.Steps below will work for Windows xp, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.





Click on Start > Run

(Tip: Windows keyboard shortcut - Windows Key + r)

Check out for instructions on how to add the run option to start menu in Vista and windows 7.



Click Start Run or Start  > All Programs > Accesories > Command Prompt



Type cmd and click OK



Type CMD in the run box



Type Net statistics server



Command net statustics server (View Uptime Command for Windows)



Towards the top you should now see a section that says Statistics from (Date)

The date that is show here is the time your server was last powered up. In this example my machine has been powered up since 7:15 am on 9/27/2011.



Statistics Since (Windows Uptime results)



If you are having issues you can now take a look the event manager to see if any error messages where recorded at that time.

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