How to Remote Desktop Into A Windows Server From Ubuntu

In this example I am running Ubuntu 7.10 but this should work the same way in more updated releases such as Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 or Ubuntu 11.04 (Unity). The Terminal Server application is installed by default, so this makes things very simple.



Desktop Enviroment

Gnome 2



Gnome 2:



- Click on Applications > Internet > Terminal Server Client



Applications > Internet > Terminal Service Client



- Enter in the server name or IP address

- Set the Protocol to RDP

That's all the information you need. You can enter in the domain name, user if you want to, but is not required.

- Click Connect



Enter Server Name and Login Information




Enter in your username and password



Enter username



You should now be connected.



Logged In to Server 2003 from Linux







Things are done almost the same in unity as in Gnome 2. The only difference is how you launch Terminal Service Client.

- Click on the Ubuntu icon in the upper left hand conrer



Click on the Ubuntu Icon in the upper left hand corner just above the doc



Click on Internet Apps





Click on Terminal Service Client



Click on terminal Service Icon



Enter your server name.



Enter Server name and hit enter



Click Connect

Login to new server






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