How To Install GIMP On Ubuntu (Software Center Or Terminal)

A while back decided to pull gimp out of the default install to make sure the install .ISO file would fit on a cd. You now need to install this if you would like to take advantage of this great tool.

We will look at two methods on how to install gimp on ubuntu. Method one will be with the ubuntu software center in Ubuntu Unity. The second method will be to install it with a command in a terminal . They both accomplish the same thing so the choice is up to you what method you would like to use.




Install Gimp With The Ubuntu Software Center:


Click on the Ubuntu Icon, located in the upper left hand corner.



Click on Ubuntu Icon Located In Upper Left Hand Corner



Click on More Apps



Click on More Apps



Seach for Gimp



Search for GIMP



Click On GIMP Image Editor

This will bring you into the software center on the install page for GIMP.

Click on Install



Click On Gimp | This will Bring you to the software center. | Click On Install



Enter your password



Enter Your Password to install GIMP



Wait for the the application to finish installing

Click on the Ubuntu icon again and search for GIMP



Search for GIMP and click on the icon to launch it



You should now see the application and be able to launch it.




How To Install GIMP On Ubuntu With A Command In The Terminal:


Open A terminal

Note: If you need help on how to open a terminal for your desktop enviorment please visit one of the following links:

Type the following command:

sudo apt-get install gimp



Install Gimp with the following command: sudo apt-get install gimp



Enter your password



Install Gimp from the terminal: Enter Your Password


Hit Y to confirm installing GIMP and its dependancies



Installing GIMP from Command Line: Enter Y to confirm installing gimp and its dependancies



Wait for it to finish installing,



Wait for Gimp to Finish Installing



Launch the application to test it out.


Launch Gimp


Hope You found the helpful!