How To Find Your IP Address In Linux

The Following Steps can be applied to any Linux Desktop with Bash. This includes Gnome 2, Gnome 3, XFCE, KDE and Unity. This example I am using Ubuntu with the Unity desktop enviorment. If you need help on how to launch a terminal please visit the following links for your desktop.

How To Launch A Terminal in Gnome2

How To Launch A Terminal in Gnome 3

How To Launch A Terminal in Unity


Once we have a terminal window open we just need to issue a single command. This is very similar to the windows ipconfig command. It will show you your IP Address as well as other information on all your network devices.



Terminal Window in Unity - Ubuntu Linux



Type ifconfig -a

(Note: With Linux commands are case sensitive. Make sure it is all lowercase.)



Type ifconfig -a in the terminal window to find your IP Address



You should now see information on your network cards. In this example you can see that device eht0 has an ip address of 

You may also notice a device called lo with the IP Address of This is the local loop back address. All computers have this address and something you should not need to worry about.



Ifconfig terminal command results in Ubuntu Linux (Unity)


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