How To Enable Multiple Language Keyboard Layouts In Gnome3


If you need to be able to write in different languages you can quickly switch between multiple keyboard layouts in Gnome 3. 
Open System settings
In Gnome 3 select System settings
Select Region and Language
Select Region and Language
Click on Layouts
Language - Select Layout Tab
Select Allow different layouts for individual windows
Allow different layout for individual windows
Click on the + (add) icon
Click on the plus (+) icon
Select the language by highlighting it and clicking the Add button.
Select the language you would like to be able to type in
You should notice a en in the top right corner of your screen. 
en option in top bar in gnome 3
Now just open the application that you would like to write in.  In this example I am using Libreoffice
Open you application
Click on en option located in the upper right corner and select the language you would like to write in.
Select your language from the dropdown
You should be ready to start typing away. 
If you have a US-en keyboard like I do you can purchase little stickers to go on your keyboard so you know what characters go with what key.  They usually cost any where from $0.88 to $10. 

Keyboard Layout Stickers on Amazon

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