How To Map A Windows Network Drive In Linux Mint

Linux is a great operating system and plays nice with other operating systems such as windows. You can easily connect to a windows network share drive with just a few simple steps. This is very handy for a mixed enviorment when sharing files and resources.

Since Linux Mint has a custom Gnome enviorment the steps are slightly different then in a standard Gnome enviorment. If you would like steps on how to map a network drive on other desktop enviorments such as GNOME 3 and Unity visit the following link to learn how:

In this example I am going to connect to a server called server2002 with a shared drive called sharing.The server is part of a windows workgroup. Windows domains are not normallly used on home networks. Windows domains are mostly used for business networks. Most of the time you can leave the domain blank.t.

Let's get started!

Mapping The Network Drive:


Click on Menu > Home



To start to map a windows network drive click on Menu > Home



Click on File > Connect to server



Click File > Connect to server



Click on the dropdown for Service Type

Select Windows Share



Service Type: Windows Share



Enter your server name or IP address along with share name and user information.


Server = Server Name or IP Address (This will depend if you have a internal DNS server)

Share = The Share name

Username = Your windows username

Domain Name = Domain Name or workgroup name. You can also leave this blank most of the time

Click Connect



Enter Server information and login name



enter your password



Enter your password for the network drive



If you entered everything correct you should now be connect to your windows network share.


Network Share connected



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