How to Add and remove desktop icons in Linux Mint (Computer, Home, Network, and Trash Can)

A tool like gconf-editor is great for adding or removing some default icons on your desktop. We can add the trash can as well as remove the home folder or Computer icon.



Before - Default Desktop Icons: (Indudes Computer and Home Foler)

Default Desktop Icons in Linux Mint



Open a terminal window

Menu > Terminal



Open a terminal in Linux mint my clicking on Menu > Terminal



Terminal window open in Linux Mint





Type the following command




Type gconf-editor in the terminal



You should now see a window similar to the image below.



Linux Mint gconf-editor window



Click on Apps



Click on Apps - Linux Mint



Scroll down and click on nautilus



Click on nautilus - Linux Mint



Select Desktop



Select Desktop in gconf-editor in Linux Mint



On the right hand side you should see some options to show icons such as computer, network, home folder, and the trash icon. Uncheck the ones you wish to hide.

The changes should be in real time so as you uncheck or check an item you will notice the icon appear or disappear.



Select the items you would like to display and uncheck the ones you don't want to display on the desktop



Now just close out gconf-editor and start enjoying your changes.



After: Edited Desktop Icons - Removed Computer and Home folder and added Trash Icon



Linux Mint desktop icons after making the changes with gconf-editor



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