Tutorials and information on configuring, setting up and using GNOME 2 desktop enviroment.

With Gimp 2.7.3 you can now enable single window mode. This allows new users that are use to Adobe Photoshop feel at home. In this tutorial we will install the newest release of GIMP in Arch Linux with two quick commands. Let's Get started!

When a lot of people come from windows to Linux they often are searching for the My Computer icon or the trash Icon on the desktop. With Ubuntu and many other distributions this is not enabled out of the box. With just a couple quick steps in gconf editor you will be on your way.

When power windows users come over to Linux they are often looking for a command similar to ipconfig /all on Linux. Unfortantly I am not aware of a complete replacement one comamnad to occomplish this. You can use the ifconfig command to view your IP address or cat /etc/resulve to view DNS names.

I originally wrote an article on how to map a network drive using Ubuntu. Since then things have really changed in the Linux desktop world. Gnome 3 has been released and Ubuntu has moved away from Gnome and switched to Unity as their primary desktop environment.

The real power of Linux happens at the command line. As time goes on users use the terminal less and less due to the the enhancements on the graphical front ends. There are still many times having some skills with bash commands are very useful.  In this tutorials we will just cover how to launch a terminal in Gnome 2

Linux is a great operating system and plays nice with other operating systems such as windows. You can easily connect to a windows network share drive with just a few simple steps. This is very handy for a mixed enviorment when sharing files and resources.



Linux Mint is a Linux-based computer operating system best known for its usability and ease of installation, particularly for users with no previous Linux experience. It often includes restricted codecs (such as MP3 support and Flash)

A tool like gconf-editor is great for adding or removing some default icons on your desktop. We can add the trash can as well as remove the home folder or Computer icon.



Before - Default Desktop Icons: (Indudes Computer and Home Foler)



"Ubuntu" is an ancient African word, meaning "humanity to others".

Ubuntu is a Linux operating system originally based on the Debian GNU/Linux distribution and distributed as free and open source software.

Some newer Linux users may not be aware that many Linux distributions use workspaces. It can be a bit frustrating if you accidentally bump something and switch to another workspace. So instead of trying to avoid them, lets look at some fancy ways you can switch between them.

Workspaces can be a real nice feature and helps keep you organized while you work. In this article I am using Ubuntu and using the default keyboard shortcuts. The 3D desktop cube will require you to install Advanced Desktop Effects Settings (CCSM) – CompizConfig Settings Manager, and enable the 3D cube. This can be installed using Ubuntu Software Center.

In this example I am switching between workspaces using the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + E




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