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Having clean URLs for you wordpress website helps your visitors navigate your site easier as well as improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In this tutorial we will look at how to set this up on your WordPress site running on an Ubuntu server.

Here is an example. You can see the page URL is /?page_id=4



In this tutorial we cover how to install and configure WordPress on a Ubuntu server. I will assume you already have Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP), and phpMyAdmin running on your Ubuntu machine.

In this tutorial we will have a quick look at the apachtop command. This is great for monitoring your webserver in a terminal or while SSHed into your system. 



What is ApacheTop:


It is defined as a Realtime Apache monitoring tool. It basically watches your log files in realtime and displays the output. This can be real handy for trouble shooting as well as keeping an eye on what files are being accesses at that time.



In today’s tough economy, companies are always looking for ways to cut cost. One of the first things that gets cut are valuable employees. In the mean time many companies and governments are spending insane amounts of money in maintenance and upgrades of software. Then when the next update comes out they spend that money all over again.

In this tutorial we will install Drupal 7 on Ubuntu Server. If you would like steps on how to setup Ubuntu server visit one of the following URLs:

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