Install Single Window Mode GIMP On Arch Linux

With Gimp 2.7.3 you can now enable single window mode. This allows new users that are use to Adobe Photoshop feel at home. In this tutorial we will install the newest release of GIMP in Arch Linux with two quick commands. Let's Get started!

You can see here this has been the tradistional look of gimp with three windows. If you have been using gimp for a while you may have come across the tab button to hide the two side windows and maximize your screen space.



GIMP Look before newest update 2.7.3 (Multiple Windows)



To install GIMP 2.7.3 with the single window mode in Arch we will need to open a terminal.

The first thing we will want to do is make sure the pacman mirrors are synced and see if the newest version is available to install Issue the following commands in a terminal:

pacman -Ss gimp-devel

(note the capital S)



GIMP pacman search shows old version



You will notice that that this is not the version we need. (2.7.3) Looks like we will need to sync pacman repositories.

pacman -Syy



since we do not see the newest version of gimp we will need to sync with the arch pacman mirrors


Sync pacman with linux repostitories



Now that we have synced lets do another search to see if the newest version is available to install.

pacman -Ss gimp-devel



You can now see that we have the newset version of gimp ready to be installed



You can see that 2.7.3 is now available to install. If you  still see an older version you may want to change to a more up to date repository mirror. Take a look at the links below to help find one and generate your /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist file



Now to install it as simple as entering one command.

pacman -S gimp-devel



sudo pacman -S gimp-devel to install the newest version of gimp 2.7.3



Note: if you had to sync your mirror you may need to update pacman first.

Since I already have gimp installed it will prompt me asking if I want to upgrade / unstall the old one and replace it with the new version.

Enter "Y"



Confirm to replace exsiting gimp install



You will be asked f you want to download it.

Enter "Y"



Enter Y to continue


Now that we have the newest version installed lets fire it up.



GIMP Racey Spacescreen


GIMP still is multi window (We need to make one more setting and enable single window mode)



If you notice by default it still is displayed in multi window mode.

We will need to make one setting change

Click on Window > put a check mark next to single-window mode



Click on Windows > Single-Window Mode



Finally single window mode in GIMP!!!



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